The Survivalist: Control The Island with Your Legion of Monkey Slaves

The Survivalist: Control The Island with Your Legion of Monkey Slaves

The Survivalist
Ever been trapped on an abandoned island with a bunch of monkeys? The Survivalist takes you on an adventure where you and a bunch of your primate pals can not only survive on the island, but thrive.
I’ve played a fair share of survival games but none of them come close in creativity as this one does. Unique crafting recipes, exciting battle mechanics, strange survival tactics, and a lot of humor make The Survivalist special .You start out on an empty island and your goal is to simply survive as long as you can, but it is not as easy as it sounds as the island has a bunch of dangerous inhabitants and weather related events. Not to mention you must also keep yourself properly fed and rested.
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Survival Tactics
Maintaining an adequate amount of food & resources – Crafting is how you will obtain most of your items such as a bed and crafting table. The initial resources for these things are shown in the crafting tab and can all be found throughout the island. Sometimes certain items on the table can not be found in the wild but can be crafted from things that are made from natural resources. Items of this nature will be the most difficult to obtain so plan accordingly.
Keep yourself armed and your camp protected – Many threats exist from wild animals to maniacal bandits so its important to keep a weapon crafted at all times. Bats will come out at night and attack you if you get too close, fortunately they do not do too much damage but without a effective way to fight them off they can easily overwhelm you. The bandits usually will not come after you but they hold valuable resources and base locations, so you may want to challenge them at some point. Challenging them alone can be tough, so make sure to bring some allies along.
Explore the island – The longer you live the more you will notice the lack of resources and available help at your current location. It is important to voyage out, build a raft, and see other islands for more opportunity.
Befriend The Monkeys!
The Monkeys may be your most valuable asset in surviving on the island. Not only are they super easy to befriend, they also can fight for you, build certain blueprints while you’re away, and forage for food and useful items. In order to get a monkey to trust you, you must do the task that they have floating over their head. Most of the time it will be a food item that you will have to craft and bring to them. In order to train them to do things you have to give them the proper item and have them practice. To get them to fight you need to hand them a weapon and create a training dummy for them to practice attacks on. This is highly recommended as many enemy fortresses exist and taking them down alone is quite difficult. Be sure to be cautions and equip your team though, the monkeys do have a health bar. Up to 5 monkeys can be controlled at once, use them, because once you have 5 trained the island will almost run itself.
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Establishing a base as soon as possible is probably the most important thing because you will need somewhere to set up your bed and store items. Once you have found a good spot then it is best to venture out into the island for exploration. And don’t forget the monkeys!
The Survivalist
Developer: Team17
Publisher: Team17
Platforms: All
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