Retro Game Spotlight: Ghost ‘n Goblins

Getting Spooky in The Spirit of Halloween

Ghost ‘n Goblins
With Halloween right around the corner we thought we’d take a look at some notoriously creepy games from the past and ended up stumbling upon the arcade game Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Ghost ‘n Goblins is a spooky themed side scrolling platformer developed by Capcom and released on September 19th 1985. You play as Sir Arthur, a knight who must slay multiple types of enemies including goblins, zombies, demons, and other monsters in order to rescue the princess from the depths of the Demon World.

The most freighting thing about this game is not the demons or ogres you will battle, but the amount of skill required to defeat them. After a few play troughs we’ve determined this is one of the hardest games of its time. Only a few check points are present in each stage and to make it even more challenging you can only be hit twice before dying a horrible death. Game play is relatively easy but execution is another story, so be ready for a fun and frustrating experience if you decide to take a stab at this game.
Master of Arms
The game consist of 7 stages and an assortment of weapons to help you along your demon slashing journey. Each having its pros and cons. Weapons include a lance, dagger, torch, axe, and shield. The dagger seems to be the most effective while the torch has the most limitations. Choose wisely because some bosses are close to impossible to beat without the proper weapon.

Once you have beaten the game you will find out that you really didn’t. The first play through is technically and practice run and has reduced difficulty. This can be especially frustrating as the “Demo” mode is already harder than most people can put up with. Be sure to remember what approach & weapons works best because this game leaves little room for error.
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Aside from the intense difficulty, Which I personally love as a gamer. Ghost ‘n Goblins is a great horror themed game and perfect for anyone who wants to test their patience.
Ghost ‘n Goblins
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Playstation,Nintendo
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