How Demon Hunters Could Be The End For HearthStone

How Demon Hunters Could Be The End For HearthStone

The highly coveted online card game Hearthstone, has announced a new expansion that is set to drop early April. Ashes of Outland will bring a new playable class, over 75+ new cards, and some changes to game modes such as The Battlegrounds. With the game’s popularity slowly on the decline, you would think a new class is exactly what’s needed to relight the spark but after reading about class changes and the new card dynamics, im afraid that it could put the final nail in the coffin for the once favorited online card game.
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Card Balance & RNG Issues
Adding more content to the game always seems like a good idea, but with the current issues that the game faces, it is more likely to cause more harm than good. Both Standard and Wild play no longer have any sort of uniqueness to the decks that are played. This is largely due to the failure to balance and come up with unique card effects. Many of the cards in the game are just better versions of already existing ones. From expansion to expansion this seems to be the trend and it kills any sort of creativity with decks if you want a realistic chance at winning. Certain decks and classes are oriented around RNG as well which is unfair and no fun for either player. Ashes of Outland follows the same trend as all the previous expansions with the exception of the new class. Many of the Demon Hunter, and new cards added in general, will replace older cards of the same type with an upgraded version, which doesn’t change anything about the game. Adding a new class will just increase the already difficult task of balancing an extremely unbalanced game.
Demon Hunter Class
Skipping over both Death Knights and Monks, which outraged many in the Hearthstone community. Demon Hunters are the new class being introduced in the upcoming expansion. This was disappointing news as Demon Hunters are one of the least favored of the new classes in World of Warcraft and I expect the opinion to carry over to hearthstone seeing how both games share a similar fan base.
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In terms of abilities and card, Demon Hunters will mainly use demons as their minion type, but have a hero power that is unique from the others. Demon Claws is the new 1 cost hero power that grants the Demon Hunter +1 additional attack during your turn. At first, this seems like a under powered version of the Druid hero power but its reduced cost in mana could potentially add a new dynamic to the game.
A new card characteristic Outcast, which is unique to Demon Hunter cards, will also be introduced to the game. Outcast will increase the power of your cards depending on the order they are played from your hand. A few already existing cards have a similar effect, but they are never used in meta which leads me to believe that this class will be a bust.
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Although Ashes of Outland adds a considerable amount of content to the game, adding more cards and classes does not fix the underlying problems of how the game has become too RNG based, and the absolute need to play certain cards in a deck. Which makes the game very boring and frustrating as it becomes repetitive and bland. Many of the matches outcomes can be predicted in the first few plays of the game due to the current meta. Adding new cards, along with a class this time may change things up for a short while, but as soon as players find all the new secrets, it will morph right back into the same 4 or 5 decks being used in both standard and wild play.
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