Animal Crossing: New Horizons Time Warp & Bell Exploit

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Exploit Allows Season Swapping & Bell Farming

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally dropped and the race to build the best island has begun. I myself have already logged a decent amount of hours into the game but even while playing for absurd durations, you can only develop your new home so quickly. However, much like the time skipping exploit in Pokémon Sword & Shield, there are ways to move your islands progress along much faster.
How to Change Seasons
Since the game syncs with real time and location, the setting in the game will follow whatever you currently have your Nintendo Switch console’s date time set to. So if you set your console to midnight of July 4th, then your game will warp to that date, effectively changing the season, items, and quest available on the island. This can speed up your progress quite nicely as shops and sellers in the game have limited hours, certain events will only happen on specific days, creatures & items spawn according to the time of year, and you can also get projects done much faster using this trick.
New Horizons: Fall Season

Remember that any sort of beneficial progress can only be achieved by going forward in time. It is not yet known how these time hops affect online play, but I would assume that when you travel to someone else’s island, you will warp forward or backwards in time to match the date that they have chosen. So be ready for some Jet Lag.
Get Thousands of Bells Fast
Now that we are all drowning in debt, steady bell revenue is something that we will all need to optimize. Skipping dates can earn you over a million bells in a short amount of time if the right steps are followed. Just like life itself, money in your ABD savings account will receive interest as time passes. With the interest rate actually being decent, along with the ability to skip time, you have all the tools you need to make some massive bell gains almost instantly.

*Note that this trick can only be used after you have been granted access to the ABD Bank at the Nook Stop*
Time Skipping VideoMore Clips

To use the time skipping exploit to generate bell interest earnings follow the steps listed below. Be sure to check your bank after the first attempt to make sure you did it correctly.
  • Deposit all bells into your ABD Bank
  • Save and quit the game
  • Change your systems clock to however many years back you wish. More time will mean bigger interest
  • Start the game so that Tom Nook thinks it’s the new year
  • Save and quit the game again
  • Change your clock to a date in the future
  • Collect your interest via mail
Changing Time & Seasons Comes at a Price
Unfortunately this pretty promising exploit comes at a price as messing with the time & date can really do damage to your mileage and island reputation if you are not careful. Crops can potentially go bad if they are not used within a certain time period and this can be extremely wasteful. Lawn maintenance will be a regular occurrence if you are time skipping as well. Weeds grow based on how much time has passed and with this method your weeds will grow at a super-fast pace, leading to a lot of yard work. Residents need a certain amount of attention to stay happy and can even leave if it neglected for too long, so skipping large chunks of time too often without checking in on your neighbors is not recommended.
Remember to check your mailbox every time you travel through time to earn bells. Interest earnings cannot exceed 99,999 bells, so you will need to consistently collect mail to stay on top of your earnings. It is very much worth the time to figure out what the minimum amount of days are that need to pass in order to max out your interest. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.
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Time skipping is a great way to accelerate the progress of your game and acquire a consistent stream of income. Fortunately this is not the only way to have great revenue in Animal Crossing if using the hack rubs you the wrong way.
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