Streaming on Hatchgaming:
Members may link or setup a stream channel to add to our network. Linked streams will be added to our special channels depending on the desired channel tags. Channel tags can be set to help categorize your stream. These tags are generic so no worries if you do not see one specific to your needs. Features such as stream chat and channel points will still be available to the user on our platform.

For more information on stream services see our supported platforms section.
Channel Networks:
Custom channel networks can be created by following streamers on the site. Visit pages such as the Industry or Retro Gaming channel to help discover new content to watch. Special channels will have a specific genre but custom channels may have any combination they wish! This feature is available to members only.
Channel Tags:
Set your channel tags to determine which networks your streams will be pulled into. The Master Tag should be your general theme and the Secondary Channel Tag can be more unique & specific.

To prevent channel spam, users may only set one primary tag and one secondary tag.
Channel Level:
Your channel level will help determine how frequent your channel is recommended to users. Higher level channels will show up sooner in the channel list. Increase your channel level by gaining experience through streaming. Experience is gained when a viewer watches your stream on our website.
Channel Badges:
Each channel may add a channel badge to be earned by other members via our challenge mode. Challenge mode allows users to set a game that others may face off against them in order to win their badge. Collect as many as you can to show your skill and decorate your channel!
Hatch Points:
Hatch points are an in-site currency that can be used to purchase designated items. They can also be used to participate in our exclusive challenge mode feature. Points are earned every time you level up, win a challenge or tournament, or via weekly poll. Hatch points can also be purchased from our store.
Tournaments, special broadcasts, podcasts, and other events may be hosted & advertised on our site. To create or schedule an event visit our events scheduler page.
Supported Platforms:
Hatchgaming currently supports the use of Twitch and Youtube. If there is a platform you would like us to support please contact our support team.