How Pokémon Unite May Help Pave The Way For More Widespread Esports Play

How Pokémon Unite May Help Pave The Way For More Widespread Esports Play
August 2nd, 2021
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The New Pokémon M.O.B.A Sets High Expectations For Competitive Gamers
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Pokémon Unite is less involved than its competitor games such as League of Legends and Dota but it provides a much more simple and easier way to learn the basic mechanics of M.O.B.A games. Aspects such as gear are not currently utilized which allows for players to focus more on gameplay rather than developing the best and most efficient build. Players have access to three active moves and one passive which makes it easy to pick up on ability combos while also leaving them easy to execute. Although it may cause some hinderance, no active chat is available which can be a very good thing for beginners as games like these tend to attract a lot of toxicity that can put players off of the competitive game types. Having this simplicity along with the very popular game genre may spark more interest into competitive online play, especially within the Nintendo industry which is currently dominated by the Super Smash Bros Series.
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The future of this game is still very cloudy as much could be done to further implement features from the Pokémon universe into the gameplay but with more additions comes the risk of balancing issues and other potential problems. Pokémon type resistances and weaknesses are one thing that we can hope we will see in the future as it would drastically effect the current metas and how players approach character selection. TMs, and HMs could also be utilized in having them taught to certain Pokémon for the advantage of out of class move types to increase versatility and effectiveness. The game currently does have item slots that are unlocked at certain trainer levels that we could see more used later on as only a handful of items are currently available. The Pokémon games have over 100s of items that effect the power and playstyle of many.
Adding the features mentioned above would definitely take this game out of what I call a beginners M.O.B.A. I’m sure many would like to see the game go this direction but as for now it is in the perfect state to draw in a new crowd who may have been hesitant towards competitive themed games. With the esports community growing larger and larger each year Pokémon Unite may do a great job of reeling in the younger crowds and those who are more fond of the Nintendo franchise due to its lack of competitive play games.
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Pokémon Unite may seem like a dumbed down version of other M.O.B.A games but the potential for it is much higher. The free to play competitive arena game has only scratched the surface of what it is capable of. Only a small set of Pokémon have been made available for the initial release but the overall roster has a very high selection to chose from with over 800 Pokémon in the franchise series along with other aspects of the game that have yet to be implemented.
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