No Man’s Sky Receives Complete Overhaul For Next Generation Gaming

No Man’s Sky Coming to Next Gen
Hello Games founder Sean Murray announced Wednesday that No Man’s Sky will be receiving updates and exclusive next generation features. Many updates have been made since the launch of the game that added additional content, more multiplayer features, and more. However this update is unique as it includes enhancements for the PS5 version of the game such as improved audio and scenery.
Next Generation Update Trailer

New Enchancements
All that was addressed seems to be things that made the initial game lackluster such as more detailed and unique worlds, increased multiplayer capacity, reduced load times, and generally things that increase the quality of a game. A full list of the updates coming can be seen below.
Image Source: Playstation Blog

No Man’s Sky had a rocky release as many claimed the game launched unfinished and what it is now is what it should have been at launch. The potential this game had was incredible with the idea of space exploration and a near infinite amount of planets to explore. Unfortunately it fell short as many of the planets were to similar to one another due to the way they were procedurally generated and overall there was a lack of things to do. The various updates since launch have tried to fix these issues but a majority of the initial fan base was not convinced to come back. PS4 owners of the game will be able to download the next gen version for free and transfer over all their save data.
No Man’s Sky
Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games
Platforms: Playstation,Xbox
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