Retro Game Spotlight: SEGA AGES OutRun

Retro Game Spotlight: SEGA AGES OutRun

Kickin’ It Arcade Style
SEGA AGES OutRun remake for the Nintendo Switch plays even better than its 1980’s predecessor which has blown us away with how well the original version did in its time, but the real victory in this version is the new & improved soundtrack.
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OutRun is an arcade style racing game where you must hit certain checkpoints before the allotted time expires, but after playing a few rounds it is much harder than it sounds. Much like the original OutRun, Obstacles such as other cars, buildings, and trees will pop up on or near the track. However due to its 8bit nature sometimes these objects will not be visible until you have already made an epic wipe-out. Five stages are available each with their own theme and difficulty, but while I played the game I noticed that some routes are easier than others. Always take the right when the road forks for the easiest route of completion.
Crank That Radio!
A new & improved soundtrack has made its debut in the remake and I can honestly say this is the best improvement made to the game. Several new songs have been added along with the entire original soundtrack, and each one is catchy and unique in its own way. Passing breeze, a personal favorite, sounds and feels like you are coasting down great ocean road and has rightfully earned a spot on my spotify playlist. We listed some of our favorites but you can check out the full playlist here.
Drive Fast, But Not Too Fast
Drive as fast as you want but controls can get a little tricky once you kick things into high gear. No drift ability is present in the game so steering can be rather difficult at high speeds. I’ve found that switching between high and low gear leads to a smoother turning transition than breaking does. During the later stages you are more or less forced to use this driving technique because at this point in the game a single crash will spell defeat.
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Beating this game is quite the achievement and doing so in a respectable time is even more challenging, so be ready to put some hours in. With the small improvements made from the 1980s & 2008 version along with an even greater soundtrack, SEGA AGES OutRun remake for the Nintendo Switch is an amazing tribute to the classic racing game.
Developer: Sega
Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Platforms: Xbox,Nintendo,Arcade
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