Dirt 5’s Online Multiplayer Play & Party Modes Detailed

Dirt 5’s Online Multiplayer Play & Party Modes Detailed

Dirt 5 is set to be one of the only off-road racing games to launch with the next generation of consoles, so we decided to take a deeper look into the new multiplayer and party modes that will be offered in the upcoming racing game. Three new objective based game types have been added. Vampire, King, and Transporter are the new game modes and some more traditional multiplayer racing as been added as well.
New Party Modes
Vampire Mode – Infect all cars and avoid being infected. One player will start as the vampire car and their objective is to hunt down the other drivers and turn them into vampires by making contact with their vehicle. Infected players will show red headlights and the non-infected’s job is to use their driving skills to avoid contact until sunrise.
Transporter mode – Capture and defend your objective while evading hostile threats. Players score points by capturing and transporting an object to its destination. Sounds easy, but remember other vehicles will be trying to stop you and you will have to stop others from completing their task as well.
King Mode – The players objective is to obtain the crown and keep it for as long as possible. The crown can be taken and lost by coming into contact with another vehicle. Points can also be earned by collecting money that is dropped by the crown holder but that is chump change compared to what they receive.
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Cross Generation Multiplayer
Dirt 5 will have cross generational play as a feature, which means if you are playing in multiplayer mode you will be able to play along side your Playstation 4 comrades. Nothing has been announced or mentioned about cross platform play but could potentially be added down the road. All multiplayer events are 12 contestants with 10 possible racing locations, not including the special party mode arenas.
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Dirt 5 Launches on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 6th followed by the next gen console releases on November 10th for the Xbox Series X and the 12th for the Playstation 5.
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Platforms: Playstation,Xbox
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