Among Us: Survival Strategies & Tactics

Among Us: Survival Strategies & Tactics

We have all probably seen the vast amount of memes and videos starring our favorite colored astronauts. Among Us has been one of the hottest “pandemic games” this year because of its humor, simplicity, and metaphorical comparison to societal politics. Anyone whos played a few games knows that it can be quite difficult to survive a round, so we put together a short guide on what to look for when hunting down the imposter.
Never Trust Campers
Anyone who seems to be camping out in a room without being near an area that triggers a task should be considered sus. More times than not these people are waiting for a single player to wander into the same department so they can get a quick and easy kill. Players who spend a considerable amount of time on a task panel should also be made wary of as the tasks in this game do not take long to complete, a few seconds at best with the exception to 1 or 2 tasks. As a last resort you can monitor the task bar while those in sight are doing a task, if they bar is not increasing after they leave there is a good chance they are trying to fake work.
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The Blame Game
Another good indicator of an imposter is someone who is quick to suspect another player with little to no proof. Most of the time when this happens the defendant is likely to try and clear their name and not accuser the accuser. This takes the attention off of the person who made the claim which is their primary goal. Those who are quick to jump on a blame train without making any supporting causes are also much more likely to be an imposter. Their hopes are that if they stay quiet and in the back that they can avoid any controversy and attention.
Use The Emergency Meeting Button
Its better to use the meeting button to express concerns than to report a dead body. If you are the only person around when reporting the body, many people will think you are the one who killed them and are trying to act like you didn’t. This is a good way to get thrown into space when you are actually innocent. When you encounter a dead body and you are alone, run back to the cafeteria and use the red button, then present your claims. This will help make you look less suspect when making a report.
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Following these tips has put us at about a 85% success rate when calling out the imposter. The most important thing is to look for inconsistencies in peoples stories and watch for those who are wandering around aimlessly.
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