It’s Crime Time! Thief & Drug Dealer Simulator Let You Live Out Your Dark Fantasies

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It’s Crime Time! Thief & Drug Dealer Simulator Let You Live Out Your Dark Fantasies
Come Peak Into The Mind of a Criminal
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Thief Simulator
Become the neighborhood creep and case the neighborhood! In thief simulator, your goal is to sneak, collect intel, and of course, steal all you can. As you level up your thieving abilities, more tools and neighborhoods are opened to you. You begin by stealing from low-security houses, stuffing toasters and vases into your bag. As your skills improve, you can progress to heisting luxury cars from garages, jewelry from safes, and pricey electronics.

Once you have secured your loot, the player must make their escape. If all goes right, you can sell your contraband to a pawn shop and reap the reward. However, if the residents stumble upon you in their home and things go south, the police will hurry to the scene and you’ll have to run for it. Hide in a dumpster in a pinch until things quiet down or try to make it to the car and drive out of the neighborhood before you get caught.
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Honestly, the amount of detail in the games can make law-abiding homeowners a bit uneasy. What are the weak points of security in my own home? Is my schedule predictable enough that someone could predict when I would be home? Perhaps this game will make you consider adding some security cameras or fixing that broken window latch.
Drug Dealer Simulator
Ever wonder what it was like to be a drug dealer? You do not have to wonder anymore. With Drug Dealer Simulator, you can become a kingpin without worrying about the DEA raiding your home.

Receive your supply through deliveries on the dark web and start your empire. You start with dealing small amounts to individuals and advance by hiring your own dealers who take a higher quantity of product at once. Make sure to launder those profits to keep the police off your tail. The higher your risk level, the more cops are policing the streets, making it harder for you to run your business.
With your funds, you can purchase more hideouts (some equipped with handy save points) and purchase the components you need to start the ultimate drug laboratory. A recent update even allows the player to cultivate weed and purchase growing equipment and seeds. Producing your own product leads to increased profits!
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This game is a dark look at a heavily policed ghetto, where addicts and crime run amuck. Clients can get hooked and OD. You are stopped and searched by police for contraband. The buildings are littered with graffiti. And yet… this game is extremely ADDICTIVE.These games are available together on Steam in the Bad Boys Bundle! Pick em up and leave your thoughts in the comments.
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Thief Simulator
Developer: Noble Muffins
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platforms: PC,Switch
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