My Hero One’s Justice 2 Welcome’s Itsuka Kendo to The Roster!

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Welcome’s Itsuka Kendo to The Roster!

Itsuka Kendo Joins The Fight
The popular anime game My Hero One’s Justice 2, based off the show My Hero Academia has been very persistent about keeping up with the DLC characters. Earlier this summer we received the news of Mei Hatsume & Hawks joining the battle. Next up we have Itsuka Kendo who will be available for play in the near future. More details are on the way, but for now you can see what is known about her character in the first trailer found below.
Official Trailer

Who know’s what special abilities she will debut with and how they will tie into her quirk Big Fist. It is nice to see how the developers are giving more opportunity to some of the less seen characters in the show. Itsuka Kendo is personally one of my favorites in the show, so hopefully her addition to the game is foreshadowing more appearances from her when the show returns.
My Hero One’s Justice 2
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