Hideo Kijoma’s Next Project Confirmed & In Developement

Hideo Kijoma’s Next Project Confirmed & In Development

“From Sapiens To Ludas”
Kojimaproductions recently tweeted they are hiring for a new project and the details hint at it being mechanically themed. “From Sapiens To Ludas” is headlined on Kojimaproductions website which may be the unofficial title of a name game.
Tweet: @KojimaProductions

The only leads found have been a tweet regarding a characater design for a new title with Yoji Shinkawa. Kojima has mentioned a Sequel to his most Recent project “Death Stranding”, but no more than subjective teasers have been released. The photo mentioned previously reveals some artwork that could be interpreted as a fighting style machine. Similar to a Transformer or a Gundam Suit, but other than this nothing else has been said.
Tweet: @KojimaProductions

All thought many would be happy with a Death Stranding sequel it is known the community had mixed feelings on how the game finished as it was often complained to be too slow and lack considerable difficulty.
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